What was UX Weekly?

UX Weekly was a weekly newsletter put together with care in beautiful Alaska. Its content lies at the intersection of user experience design, game design, and tech industry critique.

And who the heck are you?

I’m Simon. I'm currently based in Alaska (but that might change), build user experiences, and am a fan of rapid prototyping. Like a lot of the subscribers to the mailing list I started as a programmer and gradually migrated to user experience design because problems involving humans are infinitely more complex, interesting, and important.

The content of the newsletter leans towards what I think is important in design and within our field. It includes critiques of current design mindsets and mentality. I actively encourage readers to not be just better designers but also moral designers.

You can read my blog as well.

As far as credentials go: I have worked with clients like UN-OCHA, Adidas, +Citizen, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Intel, the ODI, and OpenFarm. I have executed case studies, user research, design strategy, and rapid prototyping models.

Who gets UX Weekly?

UX Weekly started out 2 years ago as a way of keeping user experience designers at a leading UX firm up to date on the most important articles each week. It has evolved to have a readership of 2,500, from fields as diverse as marketing, mathematics, library sciences, and web development.